Ashok Leyland Genset for Rent

Ashok Leylands Genset On Rent that is procured from the highest-ranked manufacturers, who are pioneers in their respective fields. These Ashok Leyland rental generators are widely stated for noise-free, effective and sturdy attributes. Our Ashok Leyland Genset is to be had with hassle-loose diesel engines that provide total satisfaction about the functioning of that generator.


Do you want to get temporary power service at a low cost for your home, business or industrial power needs? Then hire Ashok Leyland’s rental generator. This best in class & high-quality power output Genset provide clean and reliable energy for various needs. The low price & less maintenance cost is some of the best features of this Ashok Leyland’s rental generator, which makes them a prime choice. Ashok Leyland’s rental generator boosts your business with its highly reliable & trusted services.

Ashok Leyland rental generator is available for various types & designs to maintain the continuity of power in your workplace. Ashok Leyland generators has a large collection of different kV ranges of diesel generators to serve the main power for home & industrial applications.

Features Of Ashok Leyland rental Generator:

  • Super Silent operation
  • Eco- Friendly design
  • Automated control panel
  • Multiple Outlets
  • CO sensor facility
  • Low fuel auto-shutoff
  • Easy for use
  • Easy to maintenance
  • CO control system
  • Best in class gasoline economy
  • On-site consumer support, service on a 24 x 7 basis
  • Very handy AMC
  • Low exhaust emission values make sure environmentally-friendly operations.
  • High degree of reliability and longer carrier lifestyles even in severe working conditions
  • Display panel with safety management and shut down a facility
  • Modular creation for clean interchangeability and convenient preventive maintenance
  • Range from 5 KVA to 2500 KVA
  • Genset portability
  • High capacity fuel tank size for long time operation cycle

Benefits of Ashok Leylands generator

  • The reliable, strong and rugged engine is designed to supply in a continuous environment
  • Better Block Loading Ability
  • Low ownership cost
  • Low oil and gas consumption
  • Constant duty energy rating
  • Minimum vibration and occasional noise level
  • Easy serviceability and repair
  • Standardized design for full range
  • Comprehensive after-income and components support

AMF control panel in Ashok Leyland Genset

  • The AMF panel is microprocessor-based, so you can easily operate this on auto as nicely as guide mode.
  • The AMF panel monitors all of the parameters like engine protection and different alarm trip circumstance
  • A special alarm situation is used to find out LLOP, HWT, overload, below or over speed, and low gasoline level.

Some version of Ashok Leyland Generator

  • 125 KVA Generator
  • 1010 KVA Generator
  • 2500 KVA Generator
  • Ashok Leyland silent diesel 40KVA Generator
  • 100 KVA Generator
  • Manul Ashok Silent generator

Other Details

  • With non-obligatory gasket P65 rating
  • Control indicator for auto transfer among Mains utility and generator
  • The total operating hour indicator provides monitoring and protection periods.
  • User-pleasant set-up for easy to use.
  • Fully configure with today’s Genset technology
  • Efficiency for the secure mode
  • Genset sensing for three-phase
  • Also, there may be provision for three segment mains sensing and three-section generator modern sensing

Essential Features of Ashok Leyland Diesel Generator

  • Reliable, Robust & Rugged engines designed to deliver continuously in an onerous environment
  • Standardized Design for an entire range
  • Wide after-sales & components support
  • Better Block Loading Capability
  • Low Ownership Cost
  • Low Oil & Fuel consumption
  • Continuous duty power rating
  • Minimal vibrations and decrease noise levels
  • Easy Serviceability & Repairability


  • Wide helpline availability
  • Easy spares availability
  • Quick problem resolution
  • Provide the generator upkeep service
  • Provide long-lasting exceptional Eicher Diesel Generator

The running or preservation of the Ashok Leyland generator is likewise very safe and minimum cost. If you preserve your Generator periodically, it will come up with a long-lasting running service.

Reasons to hire Ashok Leylands generators

●     Flexibility

Flexibility feature in Ashok Leyland rental generators gives you the opportunity to resize your Genset. Flexibility allows choosing Genset with the right output & right size.

●     Less maintenance

If the generator encounters any issue, carrier technicians are available from your rental company to repair or update the generator.

●     Low cost

Hiring a generator is that it can regularly be less expensive to hire than to buy.


Ashok Leyland rental generator provides the best class rental generators at a low cost. You can get different purpose generators from the Ashok Leyland such as the Home generator, portable generator, industrial generator, etc. Generator from Ashok Leyland provides high-quality power output for various needs. And also they are flexible and required less effort for Maintainance. There are different versions available from Ashok Leyland generators. Ashok Leyland generators are easy to use as well as eco-friendly.

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