Discover The Different Solutions to Get Out of Over-Idebtedness

Opting for a loan can be a good idea to quickly finance a project. Banks in particular impose a certain standard on borrowers in order to limit the risks of over-indebtedness. For example, for a first loan, you will need a debt capacity of 30%. You will also need to have good coverage and insurance. But despite everything, some do not manage to get out of it. What are the different solutions for these borrowers in difficulty ? Point.

Credit Repurchase


To get out of over-indebtedness, the most popular solution is always the repurchase of credit. This is another banking service that you can also take out both online and with conventional banks. Simply put, buying back credit involves selling a loan to another bank. The latter finances the early repayment of your loan with the penalties. In exchange for this, you will owe him lighter monthly payments that are better suited to your financial situation.

But to make a good buyout, you must act as if you are going to get a new loan contract. It will be necessary to simulate and compare the offers to be sure to benefit this time from more modest credit.Also note that in a credit buyback contract, you can group all your loans in one contract to facilitate the management of your monthly payments.

Credit Renegotiation

If the repurchase of credit consists in applying to a different bank than that of the subscription of your loan, this is not the case for renegotiation. This involves requesting a reassessment of your rate from the same bank to take advantage of the fall in the consumer credit market. In this case, if your renegotiation request is accepted, you will have the choice between:- Keep the same monthly payments and take advantage of a shorter credit. Which in the long term will be cheaper.- Or reduce the monthly payments to keep the same loan term. This will help you free up a little more money to find a certain standard of living. The calculation of your benefits will be done by the bankers according to your new financial situation

A tailor-made solution according to your situation

You can also call on an accounting expert in Saint-Gilles to assess your situation and create a tailor-made solution adapted to your situation. The latter can propose a reassessment of your loan contract and a new simulation in order to put in place a solution that could both satisfy the banks and help the borrower get out of their over-indebtedness. He can even assist you in negotiating with banks to increase your chances of successfully negotiating. The accountant will replace a lawyer in this case. He can also use his relationships to allow you to regain financial stability quickly. It all depends on the urgency and the severity of the situation.

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