Titan Core Banking System Used by Leading Banks

Titan”Very configurable for new products, value for money, the service is exemplary”

Dave Buchanan IT Manager Britannia International Ltd (The Co Op Group)

Used by leading Banks, Building Societies and Financial Institutions for over 25 years Central Software’s Titan is a Core Banking System that provides a full range of retail, corporate and trade banking services. Though there are many oracle database pros and cons, this application It is customer-centric, multi-currency, multi-lingual, multi-institution and multi-branch.

oracle database
oracle database

Titan assists ambitious banks to provide the same range of products and services as the largest financial institutions, in a cost-effective manner.

TITAN is a component-based core banking system – adding functionality, component by component in a sequence to suit your business needs.

Societies and Financial Institutions for over 25 years, TITAN is a component-based core banking system – adding functionality, component by component in a sequence to suit your business needs.

Key Benefits

  • Significant improvement in productivity and reduction in costs – by streamlining and centralising customer data management and information sharing
  • Increased share of the customers’ spend – by better anticipating customer requirements and leveraging a complete real-time view of the customer across all accounts, channels and relationships
  • Improved customer retention – with increased quality of service and targeting built on true customer lifecycle management
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction – by managing customer preferences and making them accessible across all channels and lines of business
  • Increased revenue – by accessing new markets and accelerating new customer acquisition with targeted products and services that can be deployed rapidly
  • Streamlining back office procedure
  • Standardising the account process backbone for all account types
  • Manage risk profiles

Titan Loan Master

Titan Loan Master is a flexible and easy to use loan servicing system that helps banks, alternative lenders, finance companies and other lending organizations remain profitable and grow their business in an increasingly competitive environment. Titan Loan Master is very easy to install and update. With versions available on MS SQL Server Express or MS SQL Server

databases, Titan Loan Master can meet the loan servicing needs of lenders of all types and sizes and includes multicurrency capabilities.

Key Benefits

Respond to New Business Opportunities

Exploring new business opportunities in lending often requires investing in various types of lending portfolios. Titan Loan Master can be customised to meet specific business needs, enabling lenders to manage a mixture of portfolios from traditional lending to multi-currency corporate financing.

Regardless of the portfolio Titan Loan Master servicing software supports you with the flexibility you need for detailed billing, daily accruals, and incisive management reports. With Titan Loan Master’s intuitive screen presentations that provide easy access to customer and lending information, lending organisations can better respond to new opportunities. 

Titan Loan Master features a robust Help system, user-definable field descriptions, and a

complete menu driven operation. Sophisticated search capabilities enable you to conduct searches based on a wide array of data fields.

Manage Growth Profitably

Sound business decisions depend on the timely availability of management information. Accurate record keeping and comprehensive reporting are critical to profitability and growth, especially as loan volumes increase. 

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