How to Create FTP Account in GoDaddy cPanel – Guide to Set User FTP Account

GoDaddy: There are a number of web hosting companies in a market, and every web hosting provider offers unlimited features and functionalities to their customers. Every hosting provider has their unique features to attract their customers.

GoDaddy is one of the well-known and largest hosting plans cheapest providers in the world. They have many plans for their customers as well for the organizations with various features.

GoDaddy offers many services to their customer. One of the best service of GoDaddy is to create FTP account in cPanel GoDaddy cPanel. The FTP account is used to upload or manage website files. This account is created and maintained on an FTP server. In this article you will get the steps to setup FTP account GoDaddy.

GoDaddy create FTP account consists of an FTP host, username and password. It is usually linked to a website, network and FTP server. It gives user management, identification and authorization settings on an FTP server.

The file transmission process can be performed via FTPSSH, SFTP etc. protocols. These protocols are used to transfer data between two different machines. GoDaddy specifically used FTP account.

A File Transfer Protocol (FTP) account also allows us to access website related files. The FTP credentials that need to connect to your site:

  • FTP server
  • Port
  • Username
  • Password

Create FTP Account in GoDaddy Through cPanel Step by Step:


GoDaddy is one of the best, well-known, best cheap kvm vps web hosting providers. Once you register with your domain name with GoDaddy, then you will be able to authorize too many features. User can transfer one domain to another, can enable security options or many mores.

Every web hosting company provides an opportunity to upload files into their hosting accounts. It is an easy process to create FTP account in GoDaddy through cPanel.

Here I have explained steps to Create user FTP Account in GoDaddy cPanel


To create FTP account in GoDaddy cPanel, first you need to log in to your GoDaddy account, after login, click on your account’s top right corner of the page.

There will be different options, in those options just click on “My-Products” option. After clicking on a “My-Products” option, you will find the list of multiple options. These options are like Domains, WorkSpace Email and Web hosting etc.


After completion of the first step you need to click on “Web Hosting->Manage” option.

If you have hosted multiple websites then you need to click on “Manage” options of respective account for which you want to create FTP user account in GoDaddy through cPanel.


Once you click on “Web Hosting->Manage” option you will redirected to your cPanel account. cPanel account contains all hosted account files data.

Now scroll down the page, in the bottom, you will find File tab in which you need to click on “FTP Accounts” option.


Once you click on “FTP Accounts” option, you will need to add “Add FTP Account” details in FTP listing form to create FTP account in GoDaddy through cPanel application.

In this field, you need to fill all the required details such as:

  • Log In: For login, you need to enter a username for your FTP account.
  • Password:Enter the password for FTP account.
  • Directory:In this field, you can give access to the FTP user, from here you can restrict FTP user to access some folders.
  • Quota:How much space an FTP user has to upload data is allotted here.


In this step you have to Re-check all the details that you have filled and then click on the “Create FTP Account” tab to create FTP account in GoDaddy through cPanel.

This is the complete process to create FTP account in GoDaddy cPanel. Now you have successfully created the FTP account.

FTP settings to upload Website Files:

When you are going to upload the files in cPanel, at that time, you need to have FTP account and FTP client such as Dreamweaver, FileZilla, etc.

Process to Upload File:

  1. Download, install and launch “Dreamweaverin” in your cPanel account
  2. Now you need to Enter below details and click on “Quick connect” option
  • Server: Domain name or IP Address
  • Username: FTP account’s username
  • Password: FTP account’s password
  • Port:21
  1. Enter all the details in above fields and you need to find “Remote site” area and then open your website’s root directory.
  2. In the root directory of website, you will find “Local Site” folder, Local site folder having all your website’s index files.
  3. Now select all files and data to upload your website and drag them from “Local Site” area into the “Remote Site” area.

This is the complete process to create FTP account in GoDaddy cPanel and FTP settings to upload Website Files.

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