How to set up a data center start-ups?

Then consumption in India has more than doubled in the last three years alone starting new businesses sometimes not the easiest thing in this country when they’re in the sand policy of fragment data centres a house try these best kinds of honey succeeded in the taste-off chuckles having me here what was the challenge of setting up rock band 3years ago so initially in India this saying if you are in so I belong, family, where middle-class family everybody is working at home and you Should walk and follow the traditional.

we do the study job and get married and get settled that’s the part for every middle-class family but I’m the first-generation entrepreneurs I started my business within a school time my age of17 I started my business and selling domains and hosting and domain hosting selling server management india. it’s like exciting me that time because in early 2006and I got to know about the how datacentre hosting and all this thing work and I’m able to get a lot of money in school time I dropped out and your question is what are the challenges in Indian stock our data and let’s start off in India so you will get power but you will get not five you’ll get a five but you’ll not get land because of high capital intensive business data centre.

How to set up a data center start-ups?
How to set up a data center start-ups?

Is the high capital intensive business and it is difficult to start as astart-up you will not find any start-up in the world who is just starting datacentre force business but this is an exciting challenge which I had and I realized the power pipe and the policy is driven by the government and I approach the government and ask them okay can you come up with the data’s in the power because all the basic amenities should be provided by the government and the government like the idea and I’m able to start my data centre without any investment not much in this ranking and getting customers and all those things very start-up had so it is great but itis difficult another side if you don’tsolve this problem so India is a billion population market 1.3 million people to the side so I can say that 1.3 billion problems in India.

you can get and this those are the challenges and opportunities yeah in terms of investor show do they become your investors what the conversations like are they easy to convince to come to India are they even Indian or the international yeah so as astart-up you should understand first that what industry you are in what kind of investor you should approach initially I approach the investor who doesn’t invest in datacentre TMT but I approach with the software in this investor who invested in software and they say I don’t know its a heavy you change your business model start cloud services.

I said no I don’t know cloud I know data centreright so because I’m doing it so then we approach the right agency and right investment banking and we got the opportunity to interact with the tea empty space investors and investors little bit like hesitate to invest in India because India has a risk market but now in the data centre is very niche and they are seen as an opportunity to invest in India and they will get a first-mover advantage to invest in the emerging market so I am a lot of international people and banks are interested now to invest in India it’s a great opportunity to bein data to the market in emerging market okay and then talks about the business today so what have you builds for yourThat’s the plan the way you’re going a stretch of the scale over here.

So it’s exciting market India and we have a lot of we’ll see a lot of demand is coming up adding AI and all these technologies coming up which is not been sober in India hyper-scale has only had 5% capacity in India 95%outside India so we see a lot of operation beside billions of people were half a billion people are online so I think there’s a lot of demand coming up we see that lag bank will be a choice partner for large hyper-scale providers we are building we have Tier one strategy where we are building high personal facility starting with Chennai Mumbai Pune Bangalore and Noida and we have tier strategy as well so so we have a whole range of plans city yeah 360 degrees for any hyper-scale and wholesale okay and what you want to be in for training is post planning that Bank is very excited about India

Opportunity and infive to ten years we see that will benumber one choice for the hyper scalarsin emerging marketing and will deploymore than good the handsome amountdouble-digit I can say that and yeahdouble-digit billion in a multi-marketin ten years now look at the wholeEngland Edison’s market and we are veryclose in here 2019 as well what youexpectthat’s going to happen very quickly in thenext twelve three four months in India in 12 to 24 while we aretalking a lot of data centre operatorsalready make their move toward Indialarge international companies arelooking toward India international datacentre operators are coming to India andI think in another 12 to 24 months youwill see Tier one global Tier oneprovider will be in India okay and wesee that they are global demand drivingthem come to India so we see will bignames on India and coming 24 months sovery exciting yeah exciting if you coulddescribe the whole future of the datasince mark mangerone words what words you’d use it’s aGiga gigawatt opportunityyeah it’s a Giga opportunity anddata centre operator should look at itand provide high quality data centre tothe customer and government should alsocome up with the policies for datacentre which help international care tocome to India so for tokens me thank youthank you very much don’t forget you canfollow me on Facebook LinkedIn andTwitter and also visit the website ondouble box there –

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