Windows PC Tracker Software to Track Stolen PC

We save our important data, file & folders, and maintain data in PCs. Window systems are secured, which helps us secure data in the long-term. But there is always a fear of PC stolen more than hacking. When a system gets hacked, it can be recovered, but when PC gets stolen, it’s hard to get back. Many people have backup plans that they already secure their data by copying into other devices. But since spy technology came, it makes much easy for people to a more secure their devices like if when someone will try to steal PC, an instant alert will be automatically transferred to a user’s online cloud account. It enables the user to save their devices immediately.

TheOneSpy is advance tracking software which provides high security to your system. Its unique spying features empower the user to watch the exact location of the PC. Let’s look at the detail of TheOneSpy Windows PC Tracker.

TheOneSpy Windows PC Tracker

Windows PC Tracker
Windows PC Tracker

Has your device got lost? Is someone trying to misuse your PC? Do you want perfect software to track the exact location of your stolen PC? Well! Don’t be worry anymore. We came up with an outstanding solution. TheOneSpy is most preferable spying software that gives the user hidden and physical access to the targeted device.

There can be vast reasons of stealing like maybe thief is the competitor’s a person who wants to get secret data of the company or steal for resale it for money, or maybe someone stole it to tease you, etc. Whatever, the reason is, if you want to get your device back safely and securely you only need to get TOS PC tracking software.

Here, we will discuss TheOneSpy advanced tracking tool that helps a user to get back their system immediately.

Geo-Location Tracking with TheOneSpy

TheOneSpy GPS location tracker is the main tool to find the exact live location of a stolen device. A user can find their device at a time and protect their data from being misused. TheOneSpy offers four unique ways to find out the exact location immediately. Let’s discuss each tracking way separately.

  1. Real-Time Location Tracking

The finest way to monitor pin-point location is to spy with TOS real-time location tracker. It helps the user to find the live location and see where the predator is a taking device. If the user gets to know it later that their devices get stolen, so the user can monitor where the targeted person took the device and what’s their purpose as well. A user can reach the exact location and protect their device instantly by following live location with this amazing tool.

  1. View Location History of The Phone

If you become unable to get back your stolen system immediately or you aware about it later, so you can get weekly history as well. It will help you monitor all locations where did the thief take the computer? TOS also facilitates users to get location history with the right date and time.

  1. Tracking Without GPS

Maybe the predator put a strong password or changed some setting to remain undetectable. So, user can also track the device if they have already any message from their targeted device.

  1. Location through SMS

TOS also facilitates a user to track a stolen system only by sending SMS. Once the predator opens the message, it starts immediately tracking the targeted system live location.

GPS status:

A user can check if the GPS is on. A user can also activate it remotely.

Besides, all that some other unique features of TOS help in tracking the stolen system. If a predator use device data or doing anything else on the system, so TOS advance spying features provide all information at the user’s online account. Here are some features which help the users to save their device.

  • Social media tracker
  • Installed apps and software tracker
  • Surrounding listener
  • E-mail tracker
  • Screen recorder
  • Browsing history tracker


Now, if your device gets stolen so, you need not be worried. TheOneSpy window PC tracker is the best tool to bring your device back 100% securely. It’s amazing tracking features not only enable you to reach the exact location but also enables to prevent the predator from performing any inappropriate activity on your system.

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