Gandikota – The Ultimate 2020 Guide to Gandikota

Gadhikota is a small village in the district of Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh. This place is well known for its gorges caused by the river Penna down through the Erratically hills. Once you witness it on your own, you will able to know why it is known as the Grand Canyon of India. For the upcoming years, it may serve as a tough competitor to its Arizona counterpart for its breathtaking serene. And the best part is that this small village has not been commercially recognized yet, which means you will not be seeing the muddying crowds photo bombing your selfies and littering here and there. Find some of the best package available to with Cleartrip Coupons to take flight from any points of India or abroad.

The Ultimate 2020 Guide to Gandikota


There are several attractions at Gandikota, so have a look and plan your itinerary accordingly.

Gandikota Fort– This fort serves as one of the hotspots of Gandikota. This fort was built in the 13th century stretching for about 3 miles. The wall was built in such a manner that it acts as a natural defense on the north and west.This fort is built of red stones adorned with beautiful palaces and carvings. You can stroll around the walls of the fort enjoying the calm moments by the riverside. Peepthroughhistory while gathering the knowledge of Indian culture and civilizations that existed thousands of years ago through the walls of the fort.

Temples around – After spending your leisure time at the fort you can move towards the village nearby, where you will be able to visit two temples – Raghunathaswamy temple and Madhavaraya Temple and Jamia Masjid.

  • Jamia Masjid was built by the Qutub Sahib, king of Hyderabad, the tower looks like the great Charminar. The Islamic culture revealing its own charm. From the elegant entrance of the Masjid, you can easily see the Madhavaraya temple. There is nothing left except the unity that existed 400 years ago. Both the eminent structures standing side to side remind you of the Indian unity in diversity.
  • Raghunathaswamy Temple is a mini version of Greek acropolis. This temple has no idols but its hallways, corridors, pillars create a sense of fear in you, filling you with awe. The temple now is in its ruins and if you wish to climb up the ruins, it will provide you with a panoramic view- with hills on one side and valley on the other.

The Grand Canyon comes to India

Call it a secret as you will not be able to predict what’s waiting for you down there till you reach the cliff. Though we all check on the internet beforehand still you cant prepare yourself got the gorge great ousness! It is hard to imagine that this river which remains dry now all through the year once carved through a huge gorge. You wouldn’t believe that once this river used to rule through the hills has now reduced to moss ridden streams, but still proving you with a magnificent view! Yes, Penna had a glorious past! It is a bit risky climbing the giant pebbles piled on each other, as some are loosely bound and may slip every now and then.Don’t try to play with the nature around you, if they start their course, we stand no chance.

Other activities

This remote village is gradually getting the limelight and many travellers are keen to explore this hidden gem of India. Here you can indulge yourself with various outdoor activities. Different ventures are trying to invade and make their mark in Gandikota village. You can take part in various activities like hiking, kayaking, rock climbing and rappelling.

Arrange your stay

Staying at Gandikota can be fun and adventurous if well planned beforehand. It is a beautiful weekend destination providing you with a comfortable stay. Thereisvarious resorts right next to the fort, but the charges vary day to day. Being reasonable on weekdays while a bit pricy on the weekends. But the view of the fort from your hotel room early in the morning is worth paying.

Another option open for you is that if you are an adventurous person, then you can bring your own tent and camp at the gorge which is an amazing experience. There are various camping services and local shops, way down to the fort, where you can hire tents for two or three.

You can plan the best trip to Gandikota on weekends mainly between September and February, as the weather is relatively pleasant during the winter season. This small village is well connected to all the prime cities like Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Vizag making it easily accessible through all modes of transport. So, if you are on a road trip all the way to Gandikota, you know the best which high way to hit!

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