The Best Tour for Snow Lovers – Spiti Valley Tour

The outing to Spiti Valley is one of the most delightful excursions. You can investigate the valley from numerous points of view. One of the potential agendas for your Spiti Valley visit can be the accompanying one.


Day 1: Chandigarh-Narkanda

The beginning stage of the Spiti Valley visit is the excellent city of Chandigarh. Different areas from where the excursion to Spiti valley can be initiated are Manali and Shimla. You can pick the beginning stage of the excursion as indicated by your comfort. The city of Chandigarh is the capital city of two Indian states to be specific Punjab and Haryana. Chandigarh is likewise one of the cleanest and greenest urban communities of India. We will withdraw from Chandigarh to reach Narkanda. Narkanda is a town in the Shimla locale of the Indian province of Himachal Pradesh. It would take around nine hours to finish the excursion from Chandigarh to Narkanda. You will go through picturesque scenes and the city of Shimla to reach Narkanda by the night.

Day 2: Narkanda-Sangla-Rakcham-Chitkul

Get up ahead of schedule to encounter the staggering dawn of the mountains. After a generous breakfast, we start our excursion towards Chitkul. Chitkul is the keep going town on the Indian side of the Indo-Tibetan outskirt. The town of Chitkul is known as “The Swiss Alps of India”. The dazzling and captivating excellence of the spot makes certain to leave you entranced. While in transit from Narkanda to Chitkul you will go through the towns of Sangla and Rakcham. Both the towns are known as touring goals. We will reach Chitkul before dinnertime where you can appreciate a blaze after supper. Medium-term remain at the camps in Chitkul Village.

Day 3: Chitkul-Kalpa (Kinnaur Valley)

Get going early. As the third day of the excursion is set apart with energizing spots to visit and fascinating nourishment to eat. Investigate the town of Chitkul with customary homes. The spots to visit are the town incorporates Chitkul connect, Mathi Temple, and other close by places. After the touring, eat at “Hindustan ka Akhri Dhaba.” After lunch, we move towards our next goal Kalpa. While in transit to Kalpa from Chitkul, you will visit the Kamru fortification just as the Kamroo sanctuary at Sangla. At the passageway of Kalpa, you will get the opportunity to see the dazzling perspectives on Kinner Kailash Peak. you will get the opportunity to visit the Roghi Village additionally during your excursion. We will reach Kalpa and stay for the night here.

Day 4: Kalpa-Nako-Gue Mummy-Tabo

The fourth day of the outing marks your entrance into the Spiti Valley. We will make a trip from Kalpa to Tabo while going through Nako and Gue Mummy. For coming to Tabo we will be driving on the Indo-Tibetan outskirt thruway. During your excursion, you will see encompassing scenes changing into infertile mountains, which implies that you have entered the Spiti Valley. Our first stop of the day will be at Nako, a spot situated at a stature of 3800 meters. When in Nako you will get the opportunity to see the counterfeit lake and shocking vistas around you. The cloister is home to the 300 years of age mummy of Buddha Bhikshu. The visit to Gue Monastery will be a magnificent encounter. After coming to Tabo, you will get the opportunity to visit Chaos Khor Gompa. It is accepted that Chaos Khor Gompa is 1020 years of age.

Day 5: Tabo-Pin Valley-Dankar-Kaza

After the night remain at Tabo, we will push ahead towards Kaza. Before we abandon the place where there is Tabo, ensure that you visit the Tabo religious community. During the excursion from Tabo to Kaza, we will experience the Pin Valley and Dankar. Pin valley is spread over a rise of 3,500 meters to 6000 meters. Pin valley is one of the high height valleys that the Himalayas bring to the table. You will be immersed by the flawless excellence after arriving at Pin valley. In the wake of investing some energy in the Pin valley, we will visit the religious community at Dankar, where we will likewise have our lunch. After lunch, we will proceed with our excursion and reach Kaza before the day’s over. We will remain for the night at Kaza.

Day 6: Kaza-Komik-Hikkim-Langza-Kaza

Day six of your outing marks one more day loaded up with touring. A portion of the touring places that we will visit during the day are Komik, Hikkim, and Langza. We will begin the day by visiting the Komik town. Komik town is situated at an elevation of 4,513 meters and is additionally the most elevated town in the nation. Subsequent to investigating the Komik town we will continue towards Hikkim. Hikkin has the most noteworthy mail station in the nation. You can send letters and postcards to your friends and family from the most elevated mail station. After Hikkim we will visit the Langza town which is situated at a height of 4,400 meters. After Langza we will visit Key Monastery. The key religious community is a world-celebrated Buddhist cloister. After the touring for the duration of the day, head back towards Kaza to rest and medium-term remain at Kaza.

Day 7: Kaza-Kalpa

Get up right on time to observe the radiant dawn of the high mountains. We will drive towards Kalpa from Kaza. It will take around nine hours to arrive at the goal. Kalpa is one of the most excellent towns through the scope of Kinner Kailash Peaks. During the excursion, you will go through the pleasant scenes. Kalpa is a choice spot close Reckong Peo. We will remain for the night right now.

Day 8: Kalpa-Shimla

We have arrived at the finish of our outing to Spiti Valley. On the eight-day, we will go towards Shimla, the keep going goal on the agenda. You will begin the day by seeing the astonishing dawn from Kinner Kailash Parvat. During the excursion, you can see the lavish green glades, high mountains, and sparkling streams. After coming to Shimla, we end the excursion and we continue towards your homes.

This is about what you can do during your outing to Spiti Valley.

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